The Reasons Offsite
with the participation of Pedro Ignacio Alonso, Jorge Christie, Ensamble Studio, Yona Friedman and Pablo Jimenez-Moreno.

“The Reasons Offsite” is an immaterial exhibition about prefabricated and modular building systems.

The exhibition is composed of two parts:

1st part:
The project presents a collection of buildings and building systems significant in the historical evolution of offsite architecture.
The goal is to create a radiography of the different stages of this evolution.
This content answers four main questions: When? Where? How? Why?
All this information is shown in a virtual reality environment. Each case is represented by a corresponding 3D model, a text and picture material. The choice of the medium offers the visitor a new kind of experience: to go through a painstakingly composed, unique content about 25 different buildings all around the world, collected in a 20 x 20 m virtual space.

2nd part:
The invited participants share their thoughts on the subject, through a projected display of texts and images. They elaborate the conflicts described previously, trying to foresee the future possibilities of offsite architecture and its potential to address the contemporary urban challenges.

The composition of the project provides a complex experience for the audience: as an input, there stands the research material about offsite architecture in virtual reality, followed by the critical view of the participants.

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DATE: 2018
PLACE: Itinerant
TYPE: Architecture Exhibition, VR, Curatorial Project
STATUS: Ongoing