Azuma Project
with Alban Wagener

“Azuma Project” consists of a group of rendered and real-time media about Azuma House by Tadao Ando, 1975-1976.

The work of Tadao Ando has always been a great source of inspiration to us. His Buildings mostly conceived in layers of concrete and transparent glazing lead to a discourse between the occupants, their surrounding nature. In 1979, Azuma house was first recognized with the Award of the Architecture Institute of Japan. Azuma house was designed as a two-storey high courthouse closed on the front and back façade to guarantee the intimacy of the inhabitants. The courtyard`s walls are framing the sky and brings the habitants in contact with the elements like in traditional ryokans.
The “Row House of Sumiyoshi” or “Azuma House” was a low-budget rehabilitation project of the middle unit in a “nagaya” style multiplex, that acted as a modern interpretation of the traditional Japanese house. This leaded us to the conclusion that Azuma was a suitable example to be shown through an innovative and affordable medium such as Virtual Reality.
As nowadays it is still not-always convenient to share a real-time or VR experience online and on social media, we decided to produce also a cinematic movie about Azuma House.
Using these media, we want to make architecture accessible for people and students who don`t have the possibility to visit these exceptional spaces.

Download all media here

DATE: 2018
TYPE: Arch-viz (Real-time)
STATUS: Complete