Born in San Daniele del Friuli, Luca Sabbadini got his bachelor’s degree in Architecture at the IUAV University of Venice. He then continued his studies in Udine, where he has been fascinated by the utopic visions of the “Radical Architecture” of mid-19th century and the way they changed the language of Architecture. He concluded his studies cycle presenting the thesis “Exchange Devices, Design strategies for the Old Port of Trieste” in which he explored the use of the Diagram as an analytical and generative device, to approach the indetermination and stratified complexity of the urban condition in Trieste.
During and after his studies, he woke his interest in Virtual Reality and Digital Visualization as means to communicate ideas and projects in the fields of Art and Architecture, to bring back to life vanished Spaces or give form to Utopias.






March 2019

The Reasons Offsite by SUMMARY @ BSA – Boston Society of Architects

The Tunnel by SUMMARY @ MAM – Mês da Arquitetura da Maia

October 2018

The Reasons Offsite by SUMMARY @ TAW – Tirana Architecture Week




Nata arch-viz
NATA is a visual collective specialized in architectural visualization, virtual reality and interactive experiences. Based on ideas, sketches or drawings we build detailed 3D models of clients’ ideas, which we compose with materials and light to create effective and engaging narratives in Architectural Visualizations and appealing Virtual Reality experiences.
Role: Partner – 3D modeling, static renderings, videos, VR, interactive walkthroughs.

COOP is a Collective of Architects, Artists and Designers co-operating on international projects in the cultural, social and political fields. We try to make a statement with the help of Arts, Architecture and Design.
Role: Collaborator – Architectural design, exhibitions curator…

SUMMARY is an architectural studio based in the Science and Technology Park of University of Porto.
Seeking the balance between pragmatism and experimentalism, SUMMARY develops building systems assuming the optimization of time and physical resources as the core theme of its practice.
Role: Architect – Technical drawings, visualization and Exhibitions co-curator and developer (VR).


DBA Project S.p.A.

Architecture, Engineering and Project Management Company.

Role: Drafting of an Handbook: “Guidelines for branches restoration” for the rebranding project of MPS Group (Bank).


Container 21
Interactive Experiences Company (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality…).
Role: Project and 3D modeling of a demonstrative Architectural Space, showed as a Virtual Reality environment on Oculus Rift. Virtual Reality Environments creation on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.
Website: offline



Architecture and interior design office.

Role: Design of small buildings and furniture. 3D modeling, rendering and technical drawings.


Master’s Degree in Architecture, Udine University (Udine)

Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, IUAV University (Venice)

Scientific High School Diploma, ITIS A.Malignani (Udine)